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Unique Photoshop Gradients – New Horizons of Your Creativity
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July 6

Unique Photoshop Gradients – New Horizons of Your Creativity

Gradients are an indispensable Photoshop assistant, they give more life and color to flat and boring images and designs. This list of ready-made gradients perfectly save your time.

Photoshop gradients

Today it is hard to believe, but twenty years ago, the entire information space surrounding us was completely different. And we mean – absolutely distinctive, different from the modern in both – essences and in mechanisms.

Other presentation methods, alternative paradigm of reporting to the reader or the viewer, even the visual requirements are incomparable with todays. And sometimes you fill sadness, looking back. Indeed, in those days, any product created, be it a website, an advertising page, or a billboard layout, caused genuine pride.

And, definitely, there was something to be proud of. Not only special skills, that allowed to work with first versions of Photoshop or Freehand, made us proud. But, creation of a product on these platforms, with their insufficient ergonomics and archaic interface. Yep, it was a true challenge! And it was no one whom you can ask a question – except forums via a dial-up connection and thick paperback books.

Photoshop gradients

And true veterans can recall clipart! Sets of vector illustrations that were cost as a good used car. And searching for the desired graphics in this sets turned into a real quest, like in a board game. In the very beginning, you had to find a picture, suitable for the project, in the huge book, then write down the file name on the sheet of paper. After – find appropriate disk which contained the picture, you wanted. If your needs exceeded one clipart – then Bilbo Baggins could envy your crusade for creative content.

But what are we talking about? Longing for the past is a lot of retrogrades and technophobes. We are far from this. And we recalled the troubled times only for showing strong contrast with modern technology.

Photoshop gradients

Modern design trends

If you scrutinize the short history of development of the modern, digital era design, you can notice a very interesting nuance. The industry, which occupies an insignificant chronological segment in a global sense, has passed an incredible way.

Swift and incredible way. From the unpretentious and primitive first graphic works. Which amazed only by the fact that they were made using computer technology. Today’s capabilities that can shock not only people from the past but also modern people, who are far from design. Neural networks that create incredible landscapes and unique faces of non-existent persons. The widest range of features of modern graphic editors has forced to reconsider the meaning of the word “not-possible”. What to talk about, if even pro-grams like Instagram allow immediate creation of astonishing effects that experts of the past produced for a few weeks.

For clarity, let’s recall the evolution of design in recent years. Especially the rapid metamorphosis that occurred after the presentation of the iPhone. Skeuomorphism smoothly turned into a flat design. And, after a while, the tiredness of the flat design gave us gradients.

It may sound too loud, but the gradients have changed everything! The unique and simple tool turned out to be so deep and multifaceted that we still have not exhausted its resources.

Colordrop, gradient backdrops for your design projects

Gradient patterns – multitool for artists

The gradient is elementary in its essence and invaluable in its capabilities. Its gist lies in the gradual transition and mixing one color with another. Sounds easy, right? But the result can turn in a unique tone or a new look at the color gamut. The depth and accents that give correct use of this tool, can amaze and give the opportunity to look at the design object from a completely different angle.

Gradients were used at the dawn of digital design, but Google breathed new life into them in 2014. Strong desire to stand out, forced Google to invent “material design”, which, actually, was based on gradients. And over the past five years, their significance has not only not diminished but continues to increase.

But words will remain just words, without examples. And now we’ll tell you how you can extract maximum possibilities from this amazing tool on the example of Colordrop.

Colordrop is a unique collection of 50 high-quality UI gradients. They will help practically in any direction of your work. Colordrop is suitable for working in the Sketch vector graphics editor. Colordrop’s gradients are incredibly cool patterns of Photoshop and Illustrator and, also, they are available in CSS.

Photoshop gradients

Now, let’s imagine the situation. You are a regular user who urgently needs a presentation. You are in a hurry, so you have to do it using your smartphone. You will obviously get a great result. But it will be plain, dull and monotonous. And, the information or product, which had to be introduced by your presentation, is lost in the ocean of pale slides.

And, here comes to the aid of a unique set of gradient patterns. Just a few movements and any page of the presentation will attract attention and will gain volume. And your message is much more important because the viewer wants to understand it. After all, jewelers lay out decorations on velvet and satin substrates. Why? Cause, any product is perceived much better if it is adequately framed. And is it worth saying that it increases its value?

Such opportunities are easy to learn for ordinary users with a modern phone. Then what can we say about professional designers? For them, Colordrop is a priceless find!

Thanks to the elementary and intuitive integration in Photoshop, gradient background will sparkle with unique colors and untie your hands to create amazing products. Working in Sketch will also reach a new level because the integration of new gradients here is a matter of two minutes. All you need is to transfer the necessary gradients, set them as a substrate and the visual richness of your work will instantly become much better.

If your work is related to the creation and design of sites and landing pages – Colordrop will take an honorable place in your toolkit. After all, these gradients can be easily used even in HTML CSS.

In general, it is much harder to think of where you can’t use this tool than to list all its uses.

Designers who sell their work on the market are well aware of how important a first impression is. And, for example, author fonts on a properly selected background will not leave doubts on the client.

Even in such a multistep and complex process as video production and motion design, there is work for gradients. Text or graphic elements will look much more organic and appropriate when using Colordrop.

But the benefits do not end here. One of the most pleasant moments of this set remains the price. Colordrop is offered with a personal license for only 14 dollars. And a business license for 89 dollars. Regular updates and product support are an integral part of the offer.

14 dollars will not only save you money in perspective. They are able to save a lot of time that you spend on finding the exact gradient on stock sites. Where the price of one picture is comparable to the full offer of Colordrop.

Photoshop gradients

How to turn good into perfect

Gradients – a trouble-free tool for digital branding, illustration, web design, typography, UI. There is practically no sphere of digital design, where they will be superfluous. But with physical media, everything is not so single-valued. And this is not the only warning. Below we will give you some tips that will significantly simplify your path to the ideal.

When you create own product, you should remember that the most pleasant and organic color combinations are created from a maximum of three colors. When combining, be discreet and critical – avoid turning final result into a rainbow. Do not forget that light is the ultimate key to the perception of the composition. Gradients go from dark to light and if the transition is in discord with the light source, then the work will have to be edited.

And the main secret! Use different layers! Later, when changing the level of transparency of the layers – you will be amazed by the result!

We know that art is not only your work but also a way of self-expression. Therefore, we will be very happy if our friendly advice will save you from the routine and leave more time to create!

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