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32 Best Restaurant Websites Designs in 2019
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July 4

32 Best Restaurant Websites Designs in 2019

The list of templates for restaurants will actually simplify the task of creating a website that will help bring a lot more new customers.

The best restaurant websites are a blend of top-notch design, easy-access menus in either the top header or the sidebar, integration of social media accounts, and a contact address among other essential features.

To design a stunning restaurant website, look at various designs and choose one to follow, but developing a website from scratch gets you head down all day.  

You can save time, money, and create an excellent restaurant website with the help of templates we’ve already created for you. Our templates are elegant, responsive, and are easy peasy to add content. 

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You will have your site ready in a few hours even if you’re not a coding wit.  

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Here are some of the best restaurants websites in 2019:


If you want a simple and user-friendly website design, go for Koox. The simple layout makes order placement facile since you don’t have to scroll down looking for your favorite dish. Clicking the button on the right side presents a menu of foods to order.  

It has a visually attractive header image and animated elements fitting into a white space all around it. The menus are simple and found at the top header, making it easy to navigate.

Also, you can integrate your website with your social media accounts and attract customers to place orders. Do you want to contact the restaurant fast? The contact button is at the bottom.  

Go for this design if you’re designing a website for a restaurant that doesn’t serve many dishes.

Check out Koox website.


We would recommend this design if you’re creating a website for restaurants that services quite many dishes. It blends an excellent design, images, and a compelling header description with a menu button to place your order.

The header image fits perfectly all around and goes beneath the top-header menu, which flawlessly fits and stays on top when scrolling down; enabling easy navigation to the next page without having to scroll up again.

The website has social media integration features and phone number at the button. 

Check out Grasshoppereats website

Ammolite –the lighthouse restaurant

The site has a simple header image, but everything you want is on the menu. The header image is lively and animated. The logo, website name, and the tagline are at the middle of the header while the menu is on the top right side.

If you click the menu button, a list of your favorite dishes will appear responsively for you to select. The pages such as the kitchen and team and the restaurant have compelling images, descriptions of the dishes, and perfectly fit in place as you scroll down, you will love the design.

Check out Ammolite Restaurant website

The Pointe restaurant

The website design is approachable, and the layout is professional. Different from the earlier descriptions, the logo is on the top middle above the header menu.

The header image perfectly fits in with the restaurant name and description; it’s lively and pertinent with the background color. The website has a blogging section to display your expertise in cooking. Would you want to integrate it with social media? You can easily do this.

Check out The Pointe Restaurant website

Royal Plate

The website design is stunning. The top header has a menu of pages and a restaurant logo. The header image is of high resolution with animated images of spices, restaurant name, and the opening hours.

When you scroll down, images and compelling descriptions of foods correctly fly in. The footer has social media integration buttons and their location; this website fits the design of an ultra-modern restaurant.

Check out Royal Plate website


Maemo has a vibrant design. The homepage has visual images and descriptions to go in tandem. The menu is on the right side of the header section. Clicking it will display a menu of dishes.

Though there’s a lot of white space, which hasn’t been put to use, you can definitely add high-quality images and the text. It comes with a footer with contact address and social media integration features. 

Check out Maemo website


The first thing you will notice when visiting this one-page website is the classic look of the header image. The high-quality header images are animated perfectly below the wordings on the left.

The menu button on the left favors left-handed people because it stays on top even when you scroll down. Similarly, you can book a table by clicking the button on the right side. The design has symmetrical well-chosen color visuals and text on the homepage. Hide’s design speaks the reputation of the restaurant.

Check out Hide website

Ristorante Del Cambio

The restaurant has an excellent website that has everything you need in one place. There’s a responsive menu of pages on the top header.

The animated text in the pages of this site makes it look classic. Every page has a button below the top header, which you can click to read more about the page.

Check out Ristorante Del Cambio website

Catch Fish and Chips

True to its name, the animated top header image tells it all. The layout is simple; it has three pages filled with enough information about their main dish.

If you want to contact the owners, you can click the contact button, which unveils an email address, open hours, method of delivery, and phone number. This restaurant seems to serve a few dishes.

Check out Catch Fish and Chips website

Room and Wine Bar La Morra –Langhe

Another example of an excellent website design that has makes use of a video on the header. If you scroll down, the animated images fly in and out beautifully. You might be compelled to try the dishes because of the design of the website.

Get vital Information such as the dishes by clicking the static button on the left side of the page. The footer has useful information about the restaurant as well.

Check out La Morra – Langhe website


This Italian restaurant has a clean and straightforward website design. It’s one-paged with the choice of translating the content into three languages in the top header menu.

The header image fits in with space perfectly all round it. You’ve to scroll down for the Italian menu. Adding more pictures and compelling texts to this site will make it better.

Check out Olivia website

Temper restaurant

Temper uses inviting graphics on the text to make it compelling. The header is simple with only a logo and a menu on top of an animated header image.

Scrolling down, you will find some of their dishes and a call to action button in each of the descriptions. The footer allows social media integration and address in case you want to contact them.

Check out Temper Restauranr website

Meet the Greek

The website is all about a stunning image that creates a powerful impression, not about food, but elegance and style depicted from a man sitting comfortably in a cozy sofa.

The website has several pages and the logo on the top header menu. The footer shows their open hours and an online ordering button.

Check out Meet the Greek website

The Plough Inn At Lupton

The website has a lot of text in the header than other websites, but they’re placed well beneath an inviting background image.

The website menu is in grids while you can go to the food menu by clicking the button on the left bottom of the header. The homepage uses visuals and compelling food descriptions plus a CTA button.

Check out  The Plough Inn At Lupton website

Leduc restaurant

One thing that can compel you to try out this restaurant is the header and the background images. The header images flawlessly fit and change regularly, but stop when you place the cursor on top. 

It’s a one-page website with menus, social media integration, and the logo on the top header. The stunning background images speak of their main dish and its reputation.

Check out Leduc restaurant website


Odette employs a state-of-art in website design. It has a top header menu with six pages and a logo. The header image is perfect and animated to add to the classic design.

The pages have compelling images and texts to go in tandem. You will love the font as well.

Check out Odette Restaurant website

Burnt Bar Ends

Burnt Bar Ends employs a clean and straightforward design. You will find everything on the header and the top header menu, which has the essential pages, including the reservation page.

The header image is visually appealing. The font used is also excellent in that it goes well with the background image. The social media integration buttons are at the bottom as well.

Check out Burnt Bar Ends website

Duo Gastrobar

Just like most of the restaurant websites, Duo Gastrobar has a clean and well-organized website. It has everything you need in one place despite having only the header.

The header image might make you try out this restaurant. The menu is on the top left above the contact address.

Check out Dou Gastrobar website


Kazbek has an elegant design. It has made use of amazing images a great deal. The animated images and text are compelling and speak of their reputation. The responsive menu is on the top header and the logo. 

The restaurant’s name and a call to action button are on top of the header image.

If you want to scroll down, there’s a button at the center of the page that points downwards.

Check out Kazbek website

Buro Tsum

This’s another elegant website. You don’t have to look at it twice before you realize how stylish it is. The top header has essential pages and social media integration buttons. The header image is static and of high quality.

Scrolling down, you will realize that Buro Tsum has made use of more images than texts. The font is reader-friendly and has a call to action button at the end of each description.

Check out Buro Tsum website


Quay’s design favors people who like scrolling their phone using the left hand since the menu is on the left.

Each block in the body of the website has both an image and captivating text that talks, and sells. You would also find the footer information useful because of the sitemap, location, and opening hours.

Check out Quay website


Paddock has a simple website design consisting of a header image and a menu on the right for essential things such as their phone number, location, integration with social media, and the menu.

The restaurant website design is suitable for a small restaurant that serves a few dishes.

Check out Paddock website


Block16 is a refined website with an excellent design. The animated images and the compelling call to action buttons can spellbind you.

The top header has a logo, responsive pages, and their available hours. Below it is a crisp header image. The footer has social media integration features as well as their location.

Check out Block16 website

The American

If you’re looking for an austere website for a restaurant, the American is your bet. Different from several websites above, it hasn’t a top header menu, but it has a logo and a drop-down menu at the left side. 

The button remains static even after scrolling down.

The website is mobile responsive and has social media integration features at the bottom.

Check out The American website


The design is uncluttered and visually attractive, enhanced by the top grade foods images and graphics. The top header has a responsive menu to ensure easy accessibility.

The text in blocks is compelling and goes well with the images. Choose this design if you’re looking for something that’s not too complicated.

Check out Blackhouse website


The website is tidy though it has most of the critical information and a menu of pages in the top header section.

The top header image fits in beneath the logo, description, and social media icons. There’s an icon at the left bottom; you can use to check other body images that fly in as you press the icon.

Check out Storstad website

Pitch Bar and Eatery

Pitch Bar and Eatery has an unconventional website. The header image obeys the rule of thirds and the responsive menu above it, which has social media integration features as well.

Social proof is essential in any business. Thus, the design has a testimonial slider and the restaurant location beneath it.

Check out Pitch Bar and Eatery website

Protein Bar and Kitchen

Go for this design if you’re looking for something austere. The animated header images are visually appealing. Also, bold and compelling words on top of the photos.

The top header has the information you would need in a restaurant and an “order online” button. The footer has social media icons and some more essential icons.

Check out Protein Bar and Kitchen website


Pastaria has an uncluttered website. You would love this design. The layout is excellent, too.

The top header has two choices since Pastaria has two restaurants. Also, the menu is different from the rest because it’s situated in almost the left side and static as you scroll down.

The visuals in the body arrest your attention, and so do the menu. The graphics used and the text color matches well.

Check out Pastaria website

Michi Ramen

If you’re looking for a list of cool restaurant websites, Michi Ramen is among the best. The top header colors that hold the website menu go in tandem with the background color hence visually attractive.

The graphics and the text font are excellent for a professional restaurant website. The footer has the location address and social media buttons.

Check out Michi Ramen website

La Marcha

You may take La Marcha as one of the top restaurant websites because of its stunning design. The top header has a menu of the essential information you need to know and social media integration icons.

Scrolling down, you will find high-quality food images that capture your attention and make you want to try these dishes. The design is mobile responsive and easy to scroll.

Check out La Marcha website

Rose water

Once you land on this site, you’re presented with two options; either market and take away, or wine and spirit.

Each button leads to a different web page with menus and text in the body. The layout and composition are excellent.

Check out Rose Water website

To have a clean website that fits the reputation of a restaurant, you need to choose among the best restaurant websites. You might need to fine-tune to get your taste, but it’s worth to get a glimpse of what’s required.

Would you want a website template to develop a stunning restaurant website? Contact us for a winning template.

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