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18 Best Sticker Mockups To Make Outstanding Branding
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November 4

18 Best Sticker Mockups To Make Outstanding Branding

If you want to create unique, fun, and cool stickers to boost your business and increase brand awareness, then you need to see our list of amazing premium and even free sticker mockups!

Sticker mockups

No matter the size of your business, considering how you make your branding is essential. Having a solid branding in place can not only boost brand awareness, but it can also elevate your business by helping increase customer loyalty. Keep in mind that branding is as equally vital to your business as its quality.

List of the Best Stickers Mockup to Help with Your Branding

Note that when purchasing the Personal License of some products, it will only show if your projects are non-commercial. If you want to promote your business, products or services in exchange for money, purchase the Commercial or Extended Commercial License.

Make sure that whatever license you purchase is aligned with your purpose for using the bundle.

Sticker mockup

Sticker Mockup Bundle by Medialoot

Stickers are not only beneficial for your company. They’re also like artwork that can make your brand stand out from the rest. Additionally, they’re popular promotional materials for events where you can hand them out or give away to people in attendance. 

If you want to create high-quality stickers, Sticker Mockup Bundle By Medialoot can help you come up with adorable and fantastic designs. These sticker mockups PSD is easy to use and allows preview of your custom-made sticker designs. 

Thanks to its Smart Object layer, you can easily get rid of any defects or errors in your graphics. You can also adjust the shadows of the stickers if you want to reduce the harshness or make them less noticeable. You can even change their background to whatever theme or color you want. 

The realistic Photoshop mockup templates come in three volumes wherein each includes various sticker styles in 4800 x 3200-pixel resolution.  They’re excellent for your online shop images, client presentation, and design evaluation. 

File Type: PSD

Personal: $12
Commercial: $15
Extended Commercial: $48

Sticker mockups

8 Sticker and Logo Mock Bundle by PrintPixel

Having a sticker PSD mockup to do some of the hard work for you like assessment and refinement, will make it easier to add stickers to your ad materials. So before printing your designs, you’ll be able to preview them in a photorealistic way. 

The 8 Sticker Logo and Mock Bundle is a sticker mockup bundle that can help you produce a superb presentation for your designs. The pack offers plenty of options to help you achieve some of the finest sticker designs instantly. Its eight sticker volumes come with floor texture, background texture options, and color customization.

This means that you’ll be able to create realistic stickers for personal or commercial projects. It even has wrinkles effect for creating adorable designs.

Using the PSD file is easy. Simply place your design inside its smart layer, and you’re good to go. If you want more options for customization, consider purchasing the premium version.

The bundle features:

Keep in mind that you need to have Photoshop CS5 or higher to use the pack.

File Type: PSD


Sticker mockups

Die-Cut Stickers Mock-Up by MassDream

Creating fun sticker designs that encourage the development of fine motor skills is a trend that’s been growing steadily. And using these kinds of stickers is an excellent activity for enhancing child development.

So, your marketing strategy will benefit from these unique, cute, and funny stickers. Also, your brand or product will stand out from the crowd.

These Die-Cut Stickers Mock-Up can increase brand awareness and exposure. They come in different shapes and sizes that can bring your flat graphics to life. Simply upload your image or logo design to create your stickers. It’s that simple. 

The stickers mockup includes eight different high-resolution designs of 3000 x 2000 pixels. It allows for easy editing thanks to its organized layers and folders.

You can also separate shadows and objects, as well as quickly replace your artwork and change your background color and texture through its smart objects.

These stickers are perfect for scrapbooking, and other fun artwork activities. And the great thing about them? You can stick them wherever you like.

File Type: PSD, PDF


Sticker pack

Sticker Pack 01 – 50 Stickers by NickJay Design

The Sticker Pack is a huge bundle of sticker mockup generator for making interesting mockup views to show your project. The pack features 50 sticker images in PNG format for conveying the message of your new brand.

The stickers are also perfect for your album cover, photo, tour poster, event, special cause, and so much more. You name it, these stickers can do it.

No doubt, just about anyone can stick any stickers wherever they want. And these stickers mockup lets you see how they’d look like via its easy editing process. All the stickers also include transparent backgrounds so that you can easily place them over your image.

On top of that, you can even add a bit of shadow behind them to achieve that perfect realistic look. You can do everything quickly in Photoshop or any other image editing applications.

File Type: PNG


Laptop sticker

Laptop Sticker Mockup by Mock-Ups

Stickers may be an old-fashion way to convey your message or spread out information. But it can become one of your most valuable assets in terms of raising brand awareness when using it properly. 

If your company deals with crafting product labels for laptops, then the Laptop Sticker Mockup is the ideal pack for you. It provides everything you need to create the perfect stickers you could ever craft. It also allows you to display your layouts and designs quickly into a realistic digital photo display.

The mockup bundle contains six various views of a laptop with spaces allowing you to incorporate your artwork. Three features a black laptop, while the rest uses a white laptop.

You can also edit them easily with smart objects and change the colors of some elements in one simple click. 

The resolution of each mockup is 3000 pixels X 3000 pixels UHD resolution. It means that the result is a perfect, unpixelated graphics. Additionally, it features isolated shadows, objects, and backgrounds. 

File Type: 6 PSD, 6 JPG


Funky stickers

Funky Stickers by Annykos

One of the most vital decisions you’ll make for your business is choosing which advertising tool you’ll adapt to it. When narrowing down your choices, make sure that your choice fits your brand.

Stickers are an effective and affordable way of branding. So if you’ve never given it a thought before, it’s to include it to your marketing strategies today. 

These Funky Stickers is a huge set with more than 100 vibrant elements. They are colorful, cartoons, and funny.

Furthermore, they’re highly versatile, which means you can also use them on all sorts of cool projects, such as pins, patches, emoji, badges. The entire collection is perfect for topics like fashion, love, music, just fun, speech bubbles, and fun. 

The premium pack includes one file each of high-quality EPS, JPG, and PNG elements and 300 DPI. As an added bonus, you’ll also get 12 free seamless patterns. And this mockup set comes with well-organized layers, so you’ll have no trouble editing the elements.

File Type: PNG, EPS, JPG


Sticker mockups

Cute Stickers and Patterns Set by Mejorana_Art

When it comes to promoting your business, you need to come up with ideas on how to be creative. There are a lot of ways on how you can use stickers mockup to advertise your artwork. 

This Cute and Stickers and Pattern Set is a modern and colorful sticker and patches clipart pack that can help further your branding game. They’re not only great for creating stickers, but they’re also perfect for scrapbooks, badges, coasters, and even cushions! It’s all up to your imagination.

The set features adorable stickers including cherry, strawberry, watermelon, lips, rose flower, rainbow, hearts, comic bubbles, and so much more. It also includes six seamless patterns in the 80s and 90s style.

The stickers and patterns come with a transparent background. They have a resolution of 3334 х 3334 pixels at 300 DPI, so you don’t have to worry about your designs getting pixelated.

File Type: PNG, EPS, JPG


Sticker mockups

Cool Stickers for Your Planners by Ruslana Vasiukova

These Cool Stickers For Your Planners kit features more than 150 cute and playful stickers for your scheduler. They’re stylish, functional, and great for accentuating planners, notebooks, stationery, as well as perfect for creating to-do lists, setting reminders, and a whole lot more,

The sticker mockup can help bring your brand out there while helping people get organized and at the same time, keep things creative and fun. The set comes in a wide variety of colorful illustrations and typography that will add vibrancy to the everyday life of your potential clients.

Additionally, the beautiful illustrations will create a good mood for the entire day. 

The stickers are available in Vector EPS 10, JPG 300 DPI, and PNG 300 DPI on a transparent background.

File Type: PNG, EPS, JPG


Sticker mockup set

Stickers Mockup Set by Creatsy5

Recent surveys show that combining digital and print on your marketing campaign is highly effective because print brings a personal touch to your branding game. One of the best things about stickers is that anyone can use them.

So even if you’re a small company introducing yourself to people or launching a massive campaign to raise brand awareness, stickers can help you with your goal. 

Employing a sticker logo is an excellent way to spread brand awareness as it’s a printed material easily recognized around the world. It means that you don’t have to go through the effort of adapting it to various cultural differences. 

This Stickers Mockup Set is not only eye-catching but also inexpensive. Furthermore, you will be able to showcase your sticker designs in a cool and awesome way as well. The set includes 14 PSD files with 14 various scenes with a high-resolution of 4000 x 4000 px at 300 DPI. 

It also allows for changing colors and design through its smart objects. You can also see how your artwork will look at your products, bottle labels, laptops, and others. Its background is also customizable and Amazon-ready with the colors white and neutral set for check preview.

File Type: PSD, TIFF, JPG


Sticker mockups

PSD Foil Sticker Badges

Stickers can provide you with endless brand exposure possibilities. On top of that, sticker printing will not hurt your pockets. And when done correctly, you’ll achieve an amazing result. Your brand will have an unlimited audience through its visibility on just about anything, from vehicles to backpacks.

So if you want a promotional tool that you can easily distribute, these PSD Foil Sticker Badges free sticker mockup is something you should consider. 

The pack features three foil badge round sticker mockup with an impressive peel effect on its lower corner. You can use the PSD foil stickers to decorate your designs and create one-of-a-kind projects.

Show off your creativity in gold, silver or red foil. But if they’re not suitable for your brand, you can always change their colors. These stickers mockup is ideal not only for your business identity and branding but for client presentations as well.

If you want to create a more enticing view, you can also take advantage of its cool light and shadow effects. 

File Type: PSD


Round roll stickers

Round Roll Stickers Mockup Set by Creatsy5

Stickers are crucial in any advertising. They’re also cost-effective. That’s why a lot of business owners are not hesitating at using them for their companies.

If you have a sticker design project that you’re working on or have finished, having a sticker mockup in place is beneficial for your client presentation. Moreover, you can present your designs in a realistic setting. 

You will be able to do that with the help of this Round Roll Stickers Mockup Set. These are perfect not only for branding but for many purposes like displaying discounts. This set of PSD round sticker mockup will make your personal, business, and commercial projects shine. 

The pack includes ten PSD files with a high-res 6000 x 4000 pixels at 300 DPI. You can change the colors of the mockup easily, as well as the design and inside portion of the roll as you please. It’s a nice way to display your sticker artwork clearly and sharply.

File Type: PSD, JPG


Stickers generator mockup set

Sticker Generator Mockup Set by Creatsy5

If you want an efficient, affordable, and consistent means of branding, stickers should be on top of your list And if you want to create amazingly beautiful sticker designs, then consider getting the Sticker Generator Mockup Set

You can use the huge bundle of stickers to produce distinct mockup views to show off your artwork. Craft seamless designs with this premium mockup which comes with 20 various PSD files, 2 custom shape generators, and 18 premade shapes including square, round, rectangular, and more. You can customize and rearrange them to come up with artistic mockup scenes. 

The files are available in 6000 x 4000 high-resolution pixels at 300 DPI. Every view features smart object layers, which makes inserting your designs easier.

On the other hand, its well-organized layers make it simple to edit the layers. Also, you can change the background, design of the label and cover, and change the colors to make sticker PSD mockup just right for your brand. 

File Type: PSD, JPG


Decals stickers mockup set

Decals Stickers Mockup Set by Creatsy5

All elements surrounding your product can help in your marketing and branding strategy. Adding a logo that looks professional and a catchy yet meaningful tag line on stickers with superb quality and design can very well represent your brand. 

If you need high-quality sticker mockups, look no further than the Decals Stickers Mockup Set By Creatsy5. This decal set is sure to make everything easier for you. It comes in PSD files in standard, glitter, and metallic decals in high-res 4500 x 3000 pixels at 300 DPI. 

It features a customizable interior, which means you can adjust the entire scene to make it suitable for your designs. All mockups also use smart object layers when applying your design.

And since the stickers use advanced transformations, ED functions, and wrapping, you’ll achieve a realistic effect on your projects. 

File Type: PDF


Sticker mockups

Logo Sticker Mockup PSD

The appearance of your sticker designs will always matter no matter the size or shape you go for. Opting the right fonts and colors will make this promotional material a very powerful tool that can represent your brand well. 

If you want to take advantage of what stickers can offer you in terms of advertising and branding, make sure to choose this Logo Sticker Mockup PSD. The round sticker mockup comes with high-quality templates that you can arrange neatly in a cool manner. The files have a 4000 x 3000 pixel resolution at 300 DPI.

It features a fully-layered and well-organized PSD files which allow you to change fonts, wordings, texts, layouts, colors, and more easily. The three stickers mockup has smart objects so that you won’t have any difficulties inserting your designs.

Both professionals and newbies alike can modify the template with ease using Photoshop. Just remember to locate the items you want to change so that they will render well.

File Type: PDF


Sticker mockups

Isolated Sticker Mockups

It’ll be very helpful for your company if you can find a way to advertise your brand cost-effectively. If you’re a bit tight on budget for a full blast marketing effort, then the best route you can take is promotional stickers.

These Isolated Sticker Mockups is a good starting point for you. The free sticker mockup is a set of flat and curled stickers with four background options. They’re highly customizable and easy to edit, thanks to its smart objects.

You can place your own image, branding or design to craft stunning sticker designs with little effort. You can also place your company logo on the surface of the sticker, and it will show in the sticker scene. 

The stickers mockup has a high-resolution 5000 x 3259 pixels, which means you can show your projects in a photorealistic way.

File Type: PSD


Sticker mockup

Die Cut Stickers Mock-Up 2

No doubt using stickers in ad campaigns can provide you with the results you need while saving your budget. Not only can these promotional materials can help improve awareness of your brand, but it can strengthen it as well. Hence, you should make sure that they’re always creative, exciting, and attention-getting. 

Fortunately, this Die Cut Stickers Mock-Up 2 can deliver just that. The high-resolution 3000 x 2000 pixels at 300 DPI free sticker mockup allows you to showcase heaps of unique sticker designs with realistic and seamless blending effects.

You can separate objects and shadows easily and it also gives you an option to automatically or partially control the depth of field of your artwork. The result is a set of stickers that look pretty stunning. 

Additionally, you can change its background color and texture via its smart objects to meet your preference. The pack includes eight PSD views and work with Adobe CS4 or higher.

File Type: PSD


One click sticker generator mockup

One-Click Sticker Generator Mock-Up by Mocca2Go

You can boost the chances of your business generating more sales by making your more engaging stickers. Whatever your industry or niche, stickers can provide you and your brand with numerous benefits. It can increase branding awareness effectively while targeting a huge number of potential paying customers. 

So if you want to replace invaluable time and costly photo sessions, opt for the One-Click Sticker Generator Mock-Up. It’s a set of product mock-ups that makes for great selling tools. 

The sticker PSD mockup comes with four files with 2000 x 2000 high-res pixels, which you can easily customize. Simply pick a color or gradient, and then place your image, logo, or design, and it will reflect in the scene perfectly. 

Moreover, the mockup also allows you to choose between additional backgrounds. You also have a choice to stay with the white background, change the color, or turn it off. And in one click, you can create any shape of the sticker you want. 

File Type: PSD, JPG


Howl sticker mockups

Die Cut Stickers Mock-Up by MassDreams

Stickers may be an old-fashion way of marketing strategy, but it has proven time and again that it can catch people’s attention. It works for both business or personal campaigns, and useful for small businesses, corporations, education, musicians, politicians, and just about anyone or any industry.

The best thing about employing stickers for your brands is that people can stick them on any smooth surface. Thus, it will be great for your business to use to promote any of your products or services. 

If you want an awesome way to present your sticker designs in a realistic appearance, these Die-Cut Stickers Mockup is the way to go. It comes with six PSD views in high-res 300 DPI 3500×2333 pixels. 

The sticker mockup is available in PSD Photoshop format and features organized layers and groups and a smart object to place your logo or designs with ease.

Simply look for the smart object layers, add your sticker designs, and hit save. It also gives you the option to separate shadows and objects, as well as modify texture and background color.

File Type: PSD


Sticker Mockups’ Do’s And Don’ts

Sticker mockups can be pretty great. They can help make your projects or designs appear more professional and put together. Also, it will help your client have a clear idea of what the design will look like in a real-world context. 

Mockups can be your powerful tool if utilized properly. But if you’re not careful, it may simply distract your clients from the real design or mislead them. To ensure you will be able to create the best designs with sticker mockup, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

What’s the Importance of Using Sticker Mockups for My Branding?

Business owners often overlook stickers as an eye-catching and effective tool for branding. They often do not realize their versatility in terms of placement. They’re also effective at conveying your message. They may be small but they can make a massive impact on your company. 

Our list is a combination of premium and free sticker mockup. Opt for the free ones if you want to try them out first. If you want more options to customize, go for the premium sticker mockups.

Final Words

When you’re at the final stage of your sticker design project, you can take your skills to the level and eventually build a strong relationship with your client by creating a mockup.

Sticker mockups are simple to create. But the benefits it presents is invaluable. It can make your project or brand come to life in the eyes of your clients. 

There are plenty of resources online, and the ones we’ve listed here are some of the best out there. You can purchase them and download or opt for sticker mockup free versions if you’re low on budget. Once you have your template, you can use it over and over again for your other clients.

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