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Parrot – Bootstrap Blog Template for Your Website
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Web Development
June 6

Parrot – Bootstrap Blog Template for Your Website

This template was created specifically for people who want to run their personal blog. It will help to resolve the issue with the design and presentation of the material.

Parrot, a blog HTML template

It’s only prudent for website owners to commit to strategies that maximize their chances of getting to the top pages of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). But the question of how responsive these strategies always come in play. While a lot of approaches can be taken to achieve desired results, one of the essential tools for increasing website traffic is through blogs as they are useful for engaging users and pulling traffic into web pages. However, it is not an easy task; it becomes even impossible to get any reasonable returns, especially when blogs are written on a third-party platform like Medium.

Eliminate the guesswork. It makes more business sense writing blogs on your website as opposed to writing them on third-party platforms, reason being; you might be promoting the media at the expense of your business. For you to get maximum profits out of your investment, looking at the viability of each given option is vital. Parrot is an easy-to-use bootstrap blog HTML template that allows you to quickly develop a website by downloading it and using it readily without making any additional submissions. The ease of use enables you to lay up a company blog in a short time, and even give you the freedom to choose a theme that is consistent with your page.

Parrot Bootstrap blog template for high download speeds. Typically, Google may rate a website according to its download speed, among other parameters. For a long time, getting it right with download speeds has been a real challenge for web developers, but this is one area that should get you thriving. Parrot is a HTML5 blog template that was made to download quickly, and to give a rating of 90+ points in the Google Page Speed Insights. That way, it is not only fast but also compliant in a manner that Google cannot penalize it.

Google PageSpeed Insights - results for Parrot theme

What to look for in a Bootstrap blog template

Parrot bootstrap blog template has been made specifically for web owners who choose to write blogs on their platforms. This is simply because it can be used as a static HTML website or integrated into WordPress. It has its pages well displayed in a minimalistic style, where the main title is strategically placed at the top alongside the image. It offers versatility in terms of page layouts in that it comes with multiple individual blocks that can be combined to create different page layouts.

Bootstrap blog theme

Design – The overall web design plays a significant role in determining how your users will respond to your offers. Parrot created the blogging theme on Bootstrap 4 using HTML5, JS, and CSS3, and by virtue of applying the retina-ready design, it is as impressive on any device as it gets. It has been created to suit readily on any website without the need for additional features.

Usability – Tech-savvy or not, any website tools used must guarantee ease of use, and most importantly, warrant the user the freedom to make personal customization. Parrot Bootstrap blog theme comes with four premade page templates; the Main Page, Post, Contact Us, and an additional provision for any other documents such as the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Blog HTML template

Ability to engage with readers – Readers are your customers in waiting, and the choice you make in the theme template must ensure that it appeals to them. The idea is to get them reading blog posts easily, and possibly give their feedbacks with ease, and that is precisely what Parrot blog HTML template is all about. Everything is clearly spelt out in a readable format, with every segment conspicuously outlined.

Ability to grow an email list – The more you grow your email list, the higher the chances of creating a large customer base. The dream of every digital investment is to create an atmosphere that brings about as many prospects as possible, and even better, to get them converting in large numbers. Parrot blog template has been designed to help websites narrow down on more responsive traffic as opposed to spamming your page with unnecessary traffic.

Top Features of Parrot HTML5 Blog Template

Bootstrap-based – Parrot uses a clean code HTML, CSS, and JS, meaning that it can easily be customized according to your needs.

Responsive – It is built for all devices, meaning that it is compatible with phones, tablets, and desktops. Pages are adapted automatically.

SEO-Oriented – Legal structures have been applied in the creation of Parrot blog HTML template; therefore, you cannot worry about getting penalized by Google. The structures also make SEO marketing easier, hence saving you time and resources.

Thoughtful UX – The purpose of each independent element has been well thought out and made reader-friendly.

Free fonts – By using Google Fonts, it has made the template theme appealing to the readers, and also cost-effective.

Pre-made blog pages – Top blogs feature 4 important pages; the main page, the main post, contact us, and legal documents. Parrot has dignified these pages in a manner that makes it easy for readers to peruse your blogs.

Bootstrap blog HTML template

Get the responsive Parrot blog template today and save both your time and resources. With all the above features exclusive in a single package, you have almost half your work professionally taken care of.

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