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Introducing the Premade Bootstrap 4 Forms Collection
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Web Development
May 31

Introducing the Premade Bootstrap 4 Forms Collection

A pack of well-designed, animated and ready-to-use Bootstrap modal forms which will surely save your time.

Web development is time-consuming; that is a fact. Your website requires a lot of groundwork right from the start, and even more for it to bring you any significant profits. You’ll need modal windows, sidebars, notification windows, website widgets, and most importantly, different forms among many other components to get you running. Let’s face it; that is a lot of work that requires a lot of time and resources.

Good news; all the dirty work has been taken care of, thanks to our collection of bootstrap 4 forms known as Little Widgets. With this simple pre-made collection, you can save a lot of time as a web developer. Understandably, most web developers find it tedious creating different forms for website engagement, given how sign up forms, feedback forms, and subscription forms are hugely essential components of any digital investment. Besides, there are too many details they should pay attention to while designing a form.

Web development made easier

With the bootstrap modal forms, you have your work all cut out. You won’t have to spend any more of your time creating these forms. The Little Widgets all-in-one pack contains all those essential forms made in HTML. They come in beautiful designs, seamlessly animated, and ready-to-use on any website. That’s not all; you can pick any bootstrap form design and use them readily on your webpage, including WordPress.

Different Types of Essential Forms

Bet on our bootstrap modal forms to get you more subscribers, grow your email list, and essentially, grow your business. We have a wide array of form layouts for you to choose from depending on the nature of your business, or your personal preference. They come in horizontal form, inline form, and sticky form. That way you can pick any layout that resonates best with your website.

Subscribe Forms

A functional website must be an engaging one. The bootstrap form examples can get your web visitors subscribing to your offer as per the call-to-action. Under ordinary circumstances, the majority of visitors will leave a site without committing to any positive action, but with the bootstrap form builder, the chances of them converting are raised considerably. Ideally, your website not only gets big volumes of traffic, but it also gets highly converting visitors. The specially designed forms enable you to:

How it works

You may ask your visitors to subscribe to a particular offer, free training, or get in touch with you by inputting their email address in the email me form before pressing the submit button. It shouldn’t take them more than a minute as it is just a simple concise form that requires very little but vital customer information.

Signup Forms

Signup forms are very important in the creation of a successful business sales funnel. Bootstrap forms templates have been designed to help you in obtaining all the necessary information from your prospects. The peak of digital marketing is the ability to turn prospects into customers through this automated sales funnel, and that is exactly what bootstrap forms are all about.

Functions in our signup forms:

How it works

The idea is to get as much traffic into your website as possible, and to go one better in converting them in large numbers. The Bootstrap 4 form template has been designed to help you grow your online customer base by investing in a specific funnel of hugely potential prospects. If you can get many visitors signing up for given offers, or for updates on upcoming events or products, you have yourself a really big potential for growth.

Feedback Forms

In modern business, the opinion of all your web visitors counts. Naturally, businesses grow through their interaction with different customers, and receiving feedback about your website and services is a very important step. The purpose of feedback forms is to help you maintain communication with your visitors and also to capture their thoughts about what you’re offering. In these forms, customers can express both their likes and dislikes about your products, and how they’d want them to be.

The most successful web owners have built from customer reviews in the past, and with the bootstrap 4 forms, things are quite easier. You can easily get instant feedbacks on questions asked, ideas and suggestions, as well as concerns raised by different opinionated customers. It is through this feedback that you can be able to refine your product, and even incorporate new features for maximum returns.

Functions in our feedback forms

How it works

By politely asking your visitors how they like your design, product, or service, it means you value them a big deal. Feedback is an important aspect of any website and you just cannot ignore. The bootstrap 4 forms enable you to get candid views about what you’re offering, and how you can make it even better. Customers love an engaging business, and there is no better way to build trust.

Some of the components included in the package:

Classic subscribe form

Strategically placed on the right hand side of the screen, the classic subscribe form allows your customers to sign up for free daily business offers or lessons by creating their own accounts. They’ll input their email and password to access the offer. It takes up only a very small space of your screen, yet it is designed with the kind of appeal that will get the visitor curious and interested.

Subscribe form that sticks at the top of a browser window

Another unique form that sticks conspicuously at the top of your browser window waiting for your customers to subscribe to your offer. Again, they can sign up using their valid email addresses for them to try your product or service for a specific period of time, after which they can subscribe for a paid offer. This form is meant to give customers confidence in your product, and to make them enjoy the real experience of your service for free.

Welcome mat

Creating the right environment for your prospects to be a part of your business is important to any business owner. The welcome mat is another unique subscription form placed right at the middle of your window to welcome visitors to subscribe to exclusive emails. These are company emails letting subscribers know what the latest is in terms of new products and news. Unlike ordinary forms, our beautiful bootstrap forms allow your visitors to be part of your growing business by subscribing to everything that your business stands for.

Subscribe form with a product image

Your customers will be treated to the real feel of the product they are subscribing for with this bootstrap 4 form template. It has been designed specially to appeal to the prospect thanks to the inclusion of the product image in its real form. The html forms and css forms give you a whole new approach in the way you promote your new business without spending more money.

Subscribe form with a phone number slot

As mentioned earlier, getting as much information about your customers is the best way to grow a business. Our bootstrap form builder which includes a contact form enables you to get more than just the customer’s email. There is a slot to input their phone numbers so you can contact them personally through a call or a text. This kind of form makes it possible for you to close in on the already-lengthened sales funnel, and to reach customers on a more personal level. As long as they understand that their contacts are needed for business reasons, everything should be pan out just fine.

Sign up form with product image and additional user information

Among the many different forms available for you, there is also this sign up form which includes the real product image, as well as additional information from the customer. It could be a call to your visitors to sign up for a free sample of the product depicted on the image, or a reward for signing up to a particular program. In addition to the image, it includes other slots for personal information such as your name and date of birth, which should be filled before signing up.

Form with application

Depending on the service you’re offering, giving your customers the rare opportunity to be a part of a constructive program is always a welcome move. This form gives the user the chance to apply for consideration to take part in an event or to be part of a community. It could be an educational community looking for like-minded individuals to join them. Our bootstrap email form template captures more than ordinary forms, with more information and opportunities available for all users at a touch of a button. Details like email address, full names, country of origin, and contact details are some of the details required in the application form.

Payment form

Products sold online will in most cases come in different flexible tariffs for different customers. The premade bootstrap payment form is clearly designed to allow users to subscribe to the tariff of choice based on their budgets. For example, where a customer wants to make a one-year subscription for a given service, the input fields left to be filled are clear, with an easy-to-use interface.

Feedback form

Giving users the opportunity to air their views is a great way of sustaining and maintaining them for a long time. The bootstrap form template includes a form specifically designed for customers to give their feedback based on their experience in the website or with a particular service or product. It shows just how happy you are helping them with their concerns, and how grateful you are for having them around your website.

Feedback form with radio buttons

Make it easier for users by availing a feedback form with radio buttons. Our premade forms capture the possible reasons for a particular action taken by a customer. You may be watching visitors stream into your website only for them to leave without taking any positive action, but you cannot understand the reason. With this kind of feedback form, you can make an attempt to establish the reason for leaving your website by highlighting the possible reasons. When you cannot seem to get it right, there is the ‘other’ button which allows the visitors to share their reasons other than the few pointed out. That way it is up to you to take the necessary action.

Feedback form with emojis

Emojis can be one of the most effective modes of giving a feedback especially for users on the rush. A simple tap into a ‘happy’ emoji could mean you’re doing it right and the customer is satisfied. Our bootstrap forms come in a wide variety of layouts and designs where you can leave it to the customer to give you their candid feedback about your product, design, or anything concerning what you offer. For example, there are emojis for cool, average, disappointed, bad, very bad, satisfied, can be better, among many others.


The success of any digital investment solely lies on how well you engage your prospects, down from web visitors to established customers. By showing them how much value they add to your growing business, you can rest easy knowing that there is room to go all the way. Buy our premade all-in-one bootstrap 4 forms today and save yourself a lot of time for web development, and most importantly, maximize your sales. It is that simple!

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