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30 Responsive HTML Email Newsletter Templates 2019 (Free And Paid)
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October 7

30 Responsive HTML Email Newsletter Templates 2019 (Free And Paid)

Whichever business you’re running, you will need to send emails to your customers once in a while. Consider these effective email newsletter templates and save yourself the hustle of looking for an email template developer.

With marketers sending about 144 billion emails every day to consumers across all niches, you need top-notch techniques to stand out in your subscriber’s inbox. How? The catch is to use effective email newsletter templates.

Not only does it saves time, but it also brings your branding aspect into place. Brand consistency is essential in sales. People trust a company that delivers emails with consistent brand colors, logo, and social media accounts. Customers trust equals sales for your company.

The difference between an HTML email template and a plain text email template is the issue with visuals. An HTML template enhances better user experience by ensuring emails are visually appealing.

Here are some of the best responsive email newsletter HTML templates in 2019.

Paid HTML Email Newsletter Templates 

Blink: Digest Newsletter Email

Blink: Digest Newsletter Email

Digest newsletter email template allows you to send a summary of your weekly activities to your subscribers fast. Do you run a news blog? Use this template to send a summary of your blog posts to your subscribers, who haven’t interacted with your business operational environment throughout the week.

It basically allows you to add an image, and a short compelling summary. Once a reader reads the headline, the short summary, and wants to continue with the reading, he or she can press the ‘more’ button and visits your site.

The template is clean, modern, and elegant in design; you will be able to run your content marketing activities like a pro. Think of it; it saves you the time of designing your emails, promotes brand consistency since the template allows you to add a logo and essential personal information.

Guess what? Brand consistency brings forth lots of sales. 

Download Digest Newsletter Email

Blink: App Newsletter Email

Blink: App Newsletter Email

With 3 billion mobile app users worldwide, it’s now clear that more consumers make purchases via mobile apps. In fact, mobile users spent 87% of their time interacting with mobile apps than websites.

It’s, then, a great time to begin creating efficient mobile experiences by developing impactful mobile apps. While the app is under development, why not announce to your users about your progress?

It helps to keep them grounded in your services. Also, if you already have an app and only added more features to it, you can announce to your users in style by using App newsletter email template.

It’s an HTML template. Hence, it enables you to design creative, compelling emails with basic HTML knowledge. If you’re not a coding wit, don’t worry, it’s not rocket science to customize the template.

We also know that visual content marketing is gaining traction in the modern business world. This template enables you to add beautiful colors and graphics to give a visual impact to your business emails.

It’s clean, highly mobile responsive since most users are on mobile, and designed for your app launch success.

Download App Newsletter Email

Blink: Newsletter Welcome Email

Blink: Newsletter Welcome Email

The template enables you to make a great impression to your new subscribers. The first impression with subscribers always determines if your emails will continue to get their attention.

Newsletter welcome email template enables you to structure your welcome email properly. Beginning with the subject line (70% of subscribers mark an email as spam based on the subject line), the first line, and the body. It allows you to interconnect them and allow ideas to flow freely.

If only you can create compelling subject lines, subscribers will open your emails more and shot your CTR. However, you can save time creating such kinds of emails by using this template. It’s a well-designed, mobile-responsive email template made with the success of your business in mind.

Would you want to customize it? You can. You can literally alter almost everything to your subscriber’s taste. Do you know how a concise and compelling call to action improves your click-through rate (CTR)?

You can add these using plain text emails and throw a link at the end. It works differently with a predesigned HTML template. You need a bold CTA block. Newsletter Welcome email template enhances visuals to do just that. 

Download Newsletter Welcome Email

Blink: Launch Email

Blink: Launch Email

Launch email template allows you to send suspense-based emails to your customers prior to your product launch. By leveraging on the fact that human beings like to worry about the two birds in the bush and not one at hand, the template allows you to create a hype that can boost sales during your product launch.

The goal of any product launch email is to create suspense and make subscribers find out for themselves the following:

What’s the product?
How can I get it?
Is it going to help me?

As well as include an arresting click to action block that takes the person to the download page.

You can do all these easily using Launch email templates. Developers from Blink ensured they infused a stunning design into the current product launch business needs. With the template, your branding aspect becomes your main point of sale because you can add your company’s logo, contact details, and enhances branding colors.

With Launch email, you will be able to deliver simple, clean, and effective product launch emails to your subscriber’s inbox and shot your CTR. 

Download Launch Email

Blink: New E-Commerce Items Email

Blink: New E-Commerce Items Email

This template enables you to announce your new products to your customers in style. Do you have an eCommerce store? Since you constantly add products to your store, you need an effective way of announcing this to your customers.

Plain text emails won’t enable you to send powerful emails because they don’t enhance visuals. Hence, the images won’t be as compelling as when using this pre-designed HTML email template. You will also save time since most of the design and structure is already done for you.  

You don’t need to be a coding wit to customize this template. You only need basic HTML and Photoshop knowledge to alter a few things. However, the template is fine the way it is. 

Download New ECommerce Item Email

Blink: Simple Newsletter

Blink: Simple Newsletter

It’s not a daunting task to design the structure of an effective newsletter, but you can save time by using Simple newsletter template. It allows you to send properly-designed emails to your subscribers.

You have heard of user experience, right? This template allows a positive user experience from its design and structure. What makes it better than plain text emails is it allows you to add visuals to your emails and brand them for success since your subscribers will like such kind of emails.

Do you have a Shopify store, Amazon niche site, or an online store? You can use this template to send customized emails that bring forth a high open-rate and CTR. It enables you to tailor your emails to your customers and make them more powerful. 

Download Simple Newsletter Template

Blink: Announcement Email

Blink: Announcement Email

Do you have a piece of information that you want to announce formally to your subscribers? Send a visually appealing announcement email using this template. The aim of an announcement email is to reconnect with customers, send quick messages about new services or products, and also to announce a new employee in a department.

It needs to be short, compelling and has a bold call to action. This template has a call to action (CTA) button at the top to ensure it’s clear and compels any reader to click on it. Since it’s an HTML template, it allows images and graphics, which beautify the email message.

Would you want to customize it? With a basic HTML knowledge, you can customize the email to suit your brand. You will love its responsiveness on mobile as well.

Download Announcement Email

Blink: Welcome Email

Blink: Welcome Email

The template enables you to connect better with new customers/subscribers. You need to thank your subscriber for trusting you with their email. How do you do this? Send them a welcome email using this template.

It enables you to follow the right email format to make a great first impression. Begin by thanking the subscriber for hopping into your list (use their name; it’s essential), welcome them, and tell them what to expect from you. Did you promise them an ebook, whitepaper, or e-course? Fulfill your promise.

The template allows you to add a bold CTA to ask them to download the incentive. Now, the first impression matters a great deal when it comes to email marketing or any kind of marketing. To avoid letting this opportunity slip through the cracks, use this template to send stunning emails.

You can do a lot with this email template pre-designed purposely for the success of your business. 

Download Welcome Email

Blink: Best Blog Post Email

Blink: Best Blog Post Email

Best Blog Post Email template is suitable for content marketers who want to take the game a notch higher. Does your company’s website enhance blogging? Use this template to send arresting emails of your latest business blog posts.

If a new reader lands on your site, finds your content valuable and hits the subscribe button, you need to give them the first impression of your company by sending them the best blog posts email. Blink developers made this template just for that; a great first impression. 

What this template does is it brings your branding aspects into place. It allows you to add your blog logo, name, and even a tagline as well as social media accounts. You can give your subscribers a personalized experience by sending emails that talk, educate and add value using this template.

Another thing is it’s easily customizable and mobile responsive to cater to your mobile users. To cap it all, it enhances the visual content marketing. It allows you to create a bold call-to-action button to give subscribers direction. 

Download Best Blog Post Email

Blink: Welcome Email With Features

Blink: Welcome Email With Features

Using this template to send your emails to your customers will increase the read rates. Since welcome emails have one of the highest engagement rates, you wouldn’t let the opportunity to send the subscriber to your site slip through the cracks, would you?

The template helps you to send compelling welcome emails, which are a great way to introduce your services to your new customers and make them grounded. It helps a great deal to spark the interest of your new subscriber and prompts him or her to take action.

It ensures an email is properly structured; the subject line is arresting and concise and a greeting text that talks, walks, and sells; “Hi, John. Welcome to our company…”

The right structure is essential for the success of any email. The template helps you keep that in mind. It ensures the subscriber reads every word. To do this, it enhances visuals and a clear call to action button at the end. Creatives at Blink developed this template with the success of your business in mind. 

Download Welcome Email With Features

6 Email Newsletter Email Bundle

6 Email Newsletter Email Bundle

This template helps a great deal to send compelling business emails. The whole pack has six clean, modern templates to give you a wide range of choices. The templates meet the needs of modern businesses that aim more on creating great user experience innovations.

The best thing about the template is its compatibility with MailChimp, which enables you to collect and send welcome emails to your subscribers as well as roll out an email sequence.

Do you run a content marketing business? Once you connect this template to MailChimp, you will be able to send free emails up to 2,000 subscribers. From there, you can opt for a premium version.

Are you finding it a tussle to use the templates? There is an instruction file to follow. 

Download 6 Email Newsletter Email Bundle

MVP Newsletter/Dem

MVP Newsletter/Dem

Would you want to take email marketing for your retail store a notch higher? This template helps you to do that. It’s not only suited for Fashion stores but also e-commerce and corporate.

The design is simple and meets modern business needs. Whichever the niche you are, it enhances great user experience with the design. It’s mobile responsive hence your mobile users will not have a problem reading your mails.

The template is easy to use and fully editable once you have basic Photoshop skills. Measuring 600×1790 px, the template comes with free fonts and icons. Make your business lively and engage your subscribers using personalized and conversion-optimized emails.

Download MVP Newsletter/Dem

Responsive Email Template HTML Blog

Responsive Email Template HTML Blog

Is your eCommerce business experiencing a dwindle in sales? It’s time to use this template to send powerful emails to your subscribers; emails that are well branded, unique, and compelling.

The template allows you to structure your emails properly to ensure there is the right flow of ideas, designs it well to enhance great user experience, and also enhances visuals.

There are many differences between sending plain text emails and using this HTML template. One is the graphics and visuals. An HTML email is visually attractive and offers a great user experience. A plain-text email can appear dull.

Once you have basic Photoshop skills, customization is easy. Do you have a niche blog? This template can help to skyrocket your sales and make your readers grounded in your services. 

Download Responsive Email Template HTML Blog

Le-Tole E-Newsletter

Le-Tole E-Newsletter

The template measures 800×1998 pix layout. Hence, it enables you to send readable emails. The best thing is the design is responsive. It doesn’t matter the device.

Le-Tole E-newsletter is useful across most businesses. Including corporate, e-commerce, and fashion. You need to take your marketing to the next level by infusing effective email marketing techniques to modern digital ecosystems. The template helps you do just that.

You can customize and edit the fonts and graphics. The design is awesome. Guess what? You will like the stunning look as well.

Download Le-Tole E-Newsletter

4 Sales Email Newsletter Template

4 Sales Email Newsletter Template

Instead of wasting time on creating emails, use this template to make your clothing store an e-marketing powerhouse. You can make a kill in sales when using it to send well branded, compelling, and unique emails. 

To get started, the pack comes with a fully layered Photoshop PSD document and a text file to download free fonts. Customizing the templates to suit your business needs is not a nerve-wracking task. Starting with the colors, the fonts, to the layout once you have basic Photoshop skills.

Different from other templates, you have to upload the images and upload them into MailChimp manually. It’s also not fully coded. The template is, however, clean and modern; ready to take your business email marketing needs to the next level. 

Download 4 Sales Email Newsletter Template 

Mailto newsletter email template


Save time and resources looking for an email template developer by using Mailto template. With it, you will be able to send well-branded, clean, and responsive emails to your subscribers; increasing open rates, boosting traffic, and making a kill in sales.

You don’t have to look for a developer to design your welcome email, blog post email, or a thank you email. Once you have this template, you can customize it to suit your occasional emailing needs.

The template is coded using HTML and hence visually appealing in your subscriber’s inbox. Do you use MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or SendGrid? You can upload the template to this marketing software and boost your email marketing campaigns.

The whole pack has 17 predesigned, mobile-optimized templates to suit most of your business needs. If you want to beat your competitors and develop trust with your subscribers fast, try this template.

Download Mailto

Paperplane Email Templates

Paperplane Email Templates

Enhance a powerful email marketing strategy using this template. It integrates all your marketing efforts into a single manageable dashboard. It enables you to send notifications, create compelling emails, and respond to alerts quickly; generating leads and boosting sales.

Do you have a Shopify store? The templates are compatible with it and allow you to automate the whole email marketing process using email services providers.

Besides, you can customize the template once you learn MailChimp visual editor basics. You will only need to upload the template, and you’re set to edit the headline, logos, photos, and links.

The templates also allow you to send digest emails of the weekly blog posts, news, as well as products to ensure your customers are grounded in your products or services. 

Send stunning welcome emails to your new customers using Paperplane Email Templates, nurture them, and increase their CLV.

Download Paperplane Email Templates

Free HTML Email Newsletter Templates

Mjml: Responsive Email Templates

Mjml: Responsive Email Templates

It’s a whole pack of responsive email newsletter templates meant to take your email marketing a notch higher. They enable you to brand your business for success since you can add consistent brand colors, logo, and social media accounts.

They are HTML email templates. So, you can send visually attractive emails and ensure they are unique in your subscriber’s email inbox. The visual attractiveness makes your emails easier to read and decipher information easily. Besides, it will separate your emails from plain text emails.

Whichever business you are running, these templates come in handy for your emails. Once in a while, you will want to edit the features of the template to suit your email needs. You can do that once you learn a few email HTML template basics.

Announce your new offers, welcome new subscribers, and separate yourself from other email marketers by running email marketing like a pro. Responsive email templates come in handy for that.

Download Responsive Email Templates

Free Responsive Simple HTML Email Template

Free Responsive Simple HTML Email Template

From the name, the template is free and enhances a simple look, while at the same time having everything about your company in one place. The developers ensured the template has a clear call to action button to retarget your subscribers back to your website.

Since it’s responsive, it won’t matter the device your customers are using; they will still get your message. Do you use MailChimp to send emails? Integrate this template with it and begin sending well branded, consistent, and visually appealing emails.

You can also watch the live preview before deciding if it meets your needs. By enhancing a responsive design, a clean look, the template is worth a try.

Download the template

Derek Punsalan Responsive Email Template

Derek Punsalan Responsive Email Template

This template enhances a simplistic and clean look. Simplicity has always brought forth great results in any email marketing campaign.

The email structure also will be impressive once you use this template. It allows you to add a compelling headline, description, and a bold call to action button at the button to send your subscribers to your site. 

Talk of responsiveness because this template has a responsive layout that fits in any device; enhancing excellent user experience. You need to test this template in your email marketing activities and measure its success.

Download the template

Email Templates For Startups And SaaS

Email Templates For Startups And SaaS

These email newsletter templates cater to startups that are just getting their feet wet on email marketing before investing more. Do you run a SaaS company? Use this template to keep customers grounded in your products.

The templates are responsive to all devices. Thus, since most of your subscribers use mobile to open their emails, they will be able to view all elements in your emails and increase your CTR, in addition to helping you to follow the right structure when writing emails.

The whole pack has 12 templates designed for startup’s success in email marketing and 21 responsive HTML templates for SaaS companies. The different templates give you a wide range of choices and allow you to send separate emails on different occasions.

Another thing that will make you like these free email newsletter templates is their compatibility with more than 20 email marketing software such as Aweber and Active Trail. So, it doesn’t matter the email marketing software you’re currently using; the templates work with most of them. Also, it has been tested on several devices and works correctly.

Download the templates

Mailto: 2 Free Responsive Email Templates

Mailto: 2 Free Responsive Email Templates

The pack contains 2 free email templates meant to boost sales and saves the time of designing a new email template. From its design and look, you won’t fail to acknowledge the developers since they had your business email marketing success in mind.

The templates are suitable for most businesses; as long as they enhance email marketing. If you run a niche site, use the template to improve the look of your emails. You won’t have such a look when you use plain text emails. The template allows you to add more than one column in your emails, a stunning photo, and an appealing font.

It’s not a daunting task to customize these templates to suit your needs. You can change the look, the design, and the font to suit any email marketing campaign.

Download the templates

The Passion Email Template

The Passion Email Template

The developers at Pixelbuddha created the template to bring all your branding aspects in one place and ensure you succeed in connecting with your customers, nurture leads, and make a kill in sales.

Beginning with the look, your customers will like it when a unique email lands in their inbox. Guess what makes your emails unique when you use this template? It’s the stunning look. Since it’s an HTML template, it enhances visuals to take your email marketing to the next level. Thus, your emails will be visually appealing than plain text emails.

You can also add most of the information about your business. It even allows testimonials and a video to convert leads easily. In addition, it’s compatible with email marketing software such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp to ensure you succeed in email marketing easily.

Download The Passion Email Template

Free Material Design Email Template

Free Material Design Email Template

This newsletter HTML template has a simple look. Your email subscribers don’t like a lot of junk in your emails, neither do you. So, you should always reduce unnecessary words. The template enhances that by including a clean look with only a few paragraphs and a call-to-action button below.

Different from plain text emails that include a long link, which increases the chances of your emails being marked as spam, the template enhances a bold CTA that gives direction to your subscribers after reading a summary of the text.

Paul Goddard developed the template based on Google’s material design and tested it on 33 email clients. Hence, the template is responsive in most devices and allows your customers to click through to your eCommerce or blog site even on mobile. Do you run a high-traffic blog? Use the template to announce to your subscribers whenever you publish a blog post.

Download the template

Free PSD Email Newsletters

Green Village- HTML Email Template

Green Village- HTML Email Template

Green village email template can be used by most businesses to boost their email marketing campaigns. What makes it essential for most businesses is it saves the time of designing a professional template.

You see, if you need email newsletter templates, you will first find a developer, negotiate on payments and email template design, the developer tests the template and fix bugs if any.

You don’t have to go through all that before you can email your subscribers with a professional email. Simply download Green Village, and you have it all. Besides, the template is easy to customize; you don’t have to be a coding wit to do it. All you need is HTML basics, which you can learn fast.

You will love the HTML email design templates. It enhances a minimalistic look to avoid cluttered emails that will only land in the spam folder and has a responsive layout to fit most devices.

Which business do you run? Whichever the company, the template can help a great deal to revive your email marketing activities and boost sales.

Download Green Village – HTML Email Template

Email Template PSD

Email Template PSD

It’s a free template. You can download it and test it on your email marketing campaigns. Sure enough, you will not fail to like it. First, it has a stunning look, and hence, it will arrest the attention of your subscribers.

Asif Aleem, the developer, ensured that you could customize this template whenever you want to suit your business needs. Sometimes you might want to tailor your emails to a segmented group of subscribers. The template allows you to do that.

What business are you running? Most of your customers use mobile to open emails. The template has a responsive layout on any device, enhancing a positive user experience, which is excellent for your brand image.

Download Email Template PSD

Freebie PSD+Sketch: Corp (Responsive HTML Email Newsletter)

Freebie PSD+Sketch: Corp (Responsive HTML Email Newsletter)

You ought to try this email newsletter template if you are getting a low ROI from your email marketing. Developers had modern email marketing needs in mind while developing this.

The template is clean; hence, words won’t appear cluttered in your subscriber’s inbox and allows him or her to read every word. It has a responsive layout and aligns with any device your customers are using (mobile, desktop, or tablet).

Since it’s an HTML email design templates, it has a visually appealing look and allows you to customize most of the elements. Do you run your email marketing activities using MailChimp? You can connect this template to it and begin a powerful email marketing sequence. The pack comes with a free PSD plus a sketch.

Download the template

Free Sketch Email Newsletters

Transactional Email Template Sketch Resource

Transactional Email Template Sketch Resource

Do you run an online store or sell services online? This email template allows you to send compelling transactional emails to your customers whenever they purchase your products or services.

It helps you close deals in the right way and increases the chances of returning visitors; the template allows you to structure the emails well. The stunning look makes your emails unique and action-oriented.

You can customize the template features. Sherif Saleh design this clean, modern, and highly responsive template to make your transactional emails more powerful. If you want well-branded emails, this template can save you the time of looking for a developer.

Download Transactional Email Template Sketch Resource

HTML Email: Email Design System UI Kit Sketch Resource

HTML Email: Email Design System UI Kit Sketch Resource

This sketch resource has 10 responsive email newsletter templates to give you’re a wide range of choices. All are mobile responsive to enhance your user’s mobile experience. Imagine if your customers can’t find some of the elements of your email. Won’t that make them downgrade your company? The template helps you avoid that.

The pack has free fonts styles as well as reusable components. The kit is customizable. Once you know a few coding basics, you can customize the email newsletter templates to meet your varied email marketing needs.

Take your email marketing a notch higher using these templates.

Download Sketch Resource

Newsletter Template Sketch Resource

Newsletter Template Sketch Resource

Run your newsletter emails like a pro using this template. Whichever business you are running, you need to send compelling emails that connect with your subscribers, boost traffic, and drive revenue to your business.

Newsletter Template Sketch resource saves you the time of designing an email template. You see, looking for an email template developer can waste time. First, you will negotiate on payments, test the template on devices, fix bugs if they are there, then begin using the template.

Besides, the template is customizable. Once you learn a few basics, you can alter most of the elements in the template. Use it to make your email marketing powerful and help to grow your business.

Download Newsletter Template Sketch Resource


To succeed in email marketing, send well-targeted, and compelling emails. But it will take time designing each email. Think about the structure, adding social media accounts, and a call-to-action. Won’t that take time?

You can save time and communicate with more powerful emails by downloading pre-designed email newsletter templates. To give you a range of choices, above are some of the best templates to select. 

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