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Responsive Bootstrap blog template to engage with your readers

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Parrot is a modern, beautifully designed Bootstrap blog template. It has a minimalistic, distraction-free, modern design and thoughtful UX. It’s the perfect solution for engaging with your readers, growing an email list and reaching new, organic traffic from Google.

We know it's a pain in the ass to make a business blog. You need to find a solution that will increase your SEO ranks and drive more traffic to your website.

At first, you're trying to come up with 10 reasons why you shouldn’t choose Medium. And then you ask your friends on Facebook what to choose - a self-hosted solution or a service. Sound familiar? We feel your pain.

For everyone who’s chosen to write a blog on their own platform, we've built this stunning Bootstrap theme. You can use it as a static HTML website or integrate it into a WordPress. Your code, your rules — you're the king.

This blogging theme was built on Bootstrap 4 using HTML5, CSS3 and JS. It was designed with responsive in mind & retina ready which means it looks awesome on any device.

The best thing about this template is that it's so easy to use and customize for your own needs. There are 4 pre-made page templates inside this Bootstrap theme: Main page, Post, Contact Us and a page for legal documents and any bla-bla-bla stuff.

A Blog For a Startup in Minutes
Build a blog for your company in minutes. Beautiful, minimalistic design? Check. Fast loading speeds and 99% on PageSpeed Insights? Check. SEO friendly code? Check.
Thoughtful Design & UX
We've made a distraction free design for ease of use. Your users will be able to seamlessly read posts on your blog and take in to every one of your words with no trouble.

Four pre-made pages templates in minimalistic, modern style.

We've designed every page for Parrot with usability and responsive in mind. There are 4 pages inside this Bootstrap blogging theme: Main Page, Post, Contact Us and a page for legal documents like Terms of Use or a Privacy Policy.

bootstrap blog template main page
bootstrap blog post article page
bootstrap blogging template contact us
bootstrap blog template legal documents page

Reach new traffic and engage your readers with our responsive blog template.

Based on Bootstrap
We've built Parrot on Bootstrap using a clean code HTML, CSS, JS. You can easy customize it for your needs.
SEO Oriented
Every page of the theme gets 95+ on Google PageSpeed Insights. It means your SEO marketer will thank you.
Responsive Features
Pages are automatically adapted. We’ve made sure it looks great on all devices: desktops, tablets and phones.
Free Fonts
We use free Google Fonts to not only make Parrot gorgeous, but also cost effective at the same time.
Thoughtful UX
We have maximized usability for your readers and carefully thought out the purpose behind each element.
4 Pre-Made Pages
We've examined the most popular blogs and built the 4 pages which are most often used: Main, Post, Contact and Legal.
“I recently had the chance to use Parrot to build a blog for my company. Parrot is a good choice if you need your blog to look beautiful and load fast. Best of all, it doesn't affect the rating of your website on PageSpeed Insights. It’s worth every penny!”
Matt Patil, Entrepreneur and Web Developer.