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50 Photoshop gradients to design better presentations (Sketch, PNG, CSS)

Colordrop is a huge gradient pack for Sketch, Photoshop and CSS. It helps designers and web developers all over the world to create better landing pages, motion graphics, presentations and case studies. Use Colordrop gradients as a background for your design work or a website and present your projects and products more successfully.

It’s the go-to option for many top-selling authors who showcase their digital design products on Creative Market, Envato, UI8, Behance and Dribbble. Using these ui gradients, they have found they can present their projects to potential employers and customers in an exciting way that underlines the quality of their work. It’s a real lifesaver when you have limited design resources to create high-quality presentations. With Colordrop gradient set, your designs will always look shiny and professional.

You’ll find Colordrop gradients available in 3 different formats: Sketch, JPG (can be used in Photoshop or any other graphic design software) and CSS. We’ve rendered JPG files to integrate with all the design software packages you may be using with our Photoshop gradients. Each file comes in two high-resolution formats — 16:9 (5330x3000px) and 4:3 (4000x3000px).

Web developers have the opportunity to use web gradients available in CSS to build websites and ui elements.

Graphic Designer's Best Kept Secret
Gradient backgrounds are the easiest way to make your presentations look amazing. It may be just a gradient tool, but it’s one that makes a huge impact on your designs and presentations.
Easy to Use
Simply select the gradient you like from an ultimate collection of pre-made assets. Use it as a background for your website or presentation to make it look more professional.
See how easy to use Colordrop gradient tool in Sketch (0:43)

Impress viewers with better presentations

50 premium gradient backgrounds ready-to-use for your next design project.
Variety of Gradients
Choose from a huge gradient set with different colors and subtle textures.
Easy to Use
Choose a gradient you like and put it in your design project.
For Web Designers & Developers
Available for Sketch and Photoshop. Also, we have a CSS version for web developers.
Two Formats
Gradients are designed in two formats - 16:9 (5330x3000px) and 4:3 (4000x3000px).
Impress Viewers
The easiest way to impress your viewers with better presentations.
“Thank you for such amazing collection! I used almost all of them for my design projects and I'd say it's pretty easy way to modernize design, especially with a limited budget. I've tried a few gradient packs but Colordrop fits perfectly.”
Helen Amaya, Web Designer and Entrepreneur.