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Responsive Bootstrap landing page html template.

Buy Now $29

Foundation is a bootstrap landing page template for startups and businesses. We created a theme that didn’t demand you to be a coding whizz. Foundation was built to save you time and money while you create a stunning website that stands out.

Customization is key to innovative designs, so this HTML template can easily be customized to deliver a unique responsive bootstrap landing page. You can change every detail you want: colors, fonts and images. And don’t hesitate to insert images of your product, texts, and features. It’s all possible.

The beauty of Foundation is that it’s a website template built by professionals. Our web developers and designers have applied each and every one of their skills to create Foundation. It includes clean HTML, CSS and JS. We want to make it easy for people who have limited programming experience to build outstanding websites.

We’ve created 5 pre-made web pages: Main Page, Prices Page, Contact Us Page, Terms and Privacy Page and Additional Page which should easily satisfy the needs of any website you’re designing. All 5 of these pages are highly responsive and their visual aesthetics will look amazing on any device.

One more advantage of Foundation is that we take your SEO very seriously. We’ve worked hard to ensure this landing page template is optimized for a fantastic score on Page Speed. And, as it needs only a couple of seconds to fully load the site, we can safely say that this template is seriously SEO oriented.

Responsive design
Mobile friendliness remains a crucial factor in web design. Foundation seamlessly adapt its layout to the device on which visitors are viewing it, be it a tablet or cell phone.
Easy customization
We've created a template which can be easily customized. You can add images, change fonts, colors and features in seconds.

Five pre-made responsive pages which make your startup standout.

We've designed 5 pages for businesses and startups that will make your website engage visitors like never before. Our web developers worked hard to build them using clean HTML, CSS, and JS. And our designers have thought through every detail with incredible precision.

There are 5 pages inside this Bootstrap website template: Main Page for general information, Prices Page for your products, Contact Us Page to assist your customers or receive visitors' feedback, Terms and Privacy Page for legal info and Additional Page if you need to add something else to your website.

bootstrap website template main page
bootstrap html template pricing page
bootstrap contact us page
bootstrap landing page template legal page
responsive bootstrap additional page

Build a stunning website without a team of web developers and designers.

Based on Bootstrap
We've built Foundation on Bootstrap using a clean code HTML, CSS, JS. You can easy customize it for your needs.
SEO Oriented
Every page of the theme gets 95+ on Google PageSpeed Insights. It means your SEO marketer will thank you.
Responsive Features
Pages are automatically adapted. We’ve made sure it looks great on all devices: desktops, tablets and phones.
Free Fonts
We use free Google Fonts to not only make Foundation gorgeous, but also cost effective at the same time.
Thoughtful UX
We have maximized usability for your readers and carefully thought out the purpose behind each element.
5 Pre-Made Pages
We've examined the most popular blogs and built the 5 pages which are most often used: Main, Pricing, Contact, Legal and Additional.
“I had the chance to use Nice, Very Nice and have to give them a big shout out and say thanks! They build amazing products that not only help me to save a lot of time, but also money. I no longer need to hire a team of developers and designers, I just customize templates and work according to Pareto’s principle. It gives me the results I need and increased my income.”
Anthony Judson, Entrepreneur.