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Open an online store and sell designs with our marketplace website template

Marketplace is a responsive website template for creators who sell digital products on Creative Market, UI8 and Envato etc. It helps you to build your own website and start selling design assets: textures, fonts and templates.

Why do you need a website if you’re already doing great on Creative Market? It’s pretty simple. When you sell on your own website you start growing a brand. You acquire new customers, build an email list, increase your audience, write a blog and build SEO. It’s your customers, your traffic, your money and your rules. And, on Black Friday, you can make an email marketing campaign that triples your earnings.

So why not grow your website and a shop on Creative Market at the same time? We recently had this idea and decided to build this website template to help other creators.

It’s designed, animated and coded in HTML and CSS. Just open the template in your favorite HTML editor, add your brand name and logo, insert images and text and, finally, connect a payment system like Gumroad or Paddle. After a few hours of editing, you’ll have your own website ready to be uploaded on a hosting service.

Easy to Use & Customize
Using the Marketplace website template is as easy as editing text and images in an HTML editor. It can easily be customized for your online brand with the option to change colors, fonts and images.
Triple Your Earnings
Building your own website is the easiest way to make more money selling digital products. Create a website, upload your products, build an email list and make more money.

Ready-to-use page templates

It’s hard to build a website for an online store. You need to create a thoughtful UX and then develop every page and animate the elements. Everything needs to be in its own place and pages need to complement each other perfectly. After all, you want to present your products in the best possible way, right?

We’ve designed 4 useful pages that will help store creators impress website visitors and sell their stuff.

Marketplace uses the same size ratio as images used in a presentation on Creative Market. This means you don’t need to recreate those images to use them on your website. We want to save you time for more important tasks, not overload you with pointless work.

Marketplace template, an online store website template, main page
Marketplace template, an online store website template, about page
Marketplace template, an online store website template, product page
Marketplace template, an online store website template, legal page

Impress viewers with better presentations

Easy to Use
Open a template, type in a text for products, change images and upload to a hosting service. Done.
Made by Creators
We've built this marketplace template to be used by creators like us.
Easy to Customize
Easily change colors, fonts, texts and images. Make it feel like your home.
Responsive Design
Built with responsive design in mind. Your products will look awesome on any device.
Light, understandable HTML, CSS and JS code tested in different browsers.
Free Fonts
We used free fonts from Google, so you don't need to pay for them.
“I’d wanted to build a website for years. I built it in a day with this awesome template. Marketplace is a must for creators like me. I loved it from day one!”
Terry Blank, Designer.