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Premium Bootstrap Templates & Themes

Premium Bootstrap templates, themes, UI Kits, website templates. Kickstart the development of websites, web apps and landing pages. Our resources help agencies, designers and web developers to build stunning websites faster.

Make sure to check out one of our favorite premium bootstrap templates called Foundation.

Bootstrap has gained a lot of popularity in the online world, and we have some of the best premium Bootstrap templates around. These web design templates include all the features you need to create the most beautiful websites.

What Makes Bootstrap Unique?

The Bootstrap framework is a popular open-source tool for website development with CSS, Javascript, and HTML. It can provide you with a base styling for the majority of HTML components. Additionally, its grid system is great and comes with a nice set of ready-made elements, which can aid you to easily and quickly get started at turning your vision into reality.  

A lot of the contemporary website templates and websites you see today are created using Bootstrap. The reason for this is that it offers a wide range of features and functionalities. Moreover, one of the reasons for its popularity is that you can find plenty of website templates designed using it readily available online.

Keep in mind though that not every Bootstrap web design template out here is high-quality. With a massive list online, the search for the right website template for your site can be quite tedious.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look further. Our premium Bootstrap templates, themes, UI Kits, and website templates, are of the utmost quality. They also contain everything you need to kickstart the development of your websites, web apps, and landing pages. Also, our resources help agencies, designers, and web developers to build stunning websites faster.

The Best Premium Bootstrap Templates And Themes

Build stunning websites easily with our website templates and themes.

  1.     1. Little Widgets: 60 Templates with Bootstrap Forms, Sidebars, and Modals

Little Widgets is a collection that includes 60 premade Bootstrap elements. They are made to fit any website components, such as forms, modals, notifications, website widgets, and sidebars. Each element comes with a beautiful design and coded in HTML/CSS. They’re also seamlessly animated and ready-to-use on your site. You can also incorporate it with WordPress easily.

  1.     2. Parrot: Minimalistic, SEO Friendly Bootstrap Blog Template

This contemporary Bootstrap blog template is beautifully crafted. Parrot also features a minimalist and modern design free of distraction combined with a thoughtful UX. It’s ideal for those looking to engage their readers and wants to grow the email list, as well as drive new and organic traffic from Google.

  1.     3. Foundation: Responsive Bootstrap Landing Page Website Template

Foundation is one of our favorite premium Bootstrap templates. This Bootstrap landing page template is perfect for startups and businesses. The theme does not require you to be a whizz at coding. We created the web design template to help you save precious time and money while creating an impressive website that will stand out from the sea of websites online.

  1.     4. Lighthouse: Agency / Portfolio Website Template

Lighthouse Bootstrap website template allows any digital agency to build their own website. The agency website template is full-featured and neatly designed. It is also a modern appeal and is based on the UI/UX patterns. Lighthouse is not only elegant and attractive, but it’s also creative and highly easy to use. Hence, it will surely make your clients stay on your site and help increase your traffic as well.

  1.     5. Circles: Website Template for a Conference, Event, And Meetup

Circles is the perfect solution for those organizing events but don’t have enough time on their hands to create a convenient, responsive website. It’s an excellent, professionally designed HTML/CSS web design template for meetups, conferences, or events. It features 6 premade pages including, Main Page, About, Venue, Speakers, Past Talks, and Schedule. These pages are ideal for jumpstarting your site. Simply change the text and images, tweak the colors and fonts to fit your brand, and you’re good to go.

  1.     6. Marketplace: Online Store Website Template

The responsive website template, Marketplace, is the best solution for any creator selling digital products on marketplaces such as Creative Market, UI8, and Envato. This premium Bootstrap theme can help grow your website and a shop on Creative Market as well. We use HTML and CSS to design, animate, and code the template. You can also easily use it in your favorite HTML editor. Simply open it, add your brand and logo, insert images and text, and then connect a payment system. In a matter of hours, you’ll have a website ready to be uploaded on your hosting service.

The Importance Of Using Our Premium Bootstrap Template

Bootstrap is a great front end web development tool. Both Web developers and the best web development companies prefer using it. Developers began utilizing in on their web development projects because of its high flexibility. And today, Bootstrap is one of the main requirements for all website templates.

The primary goal of Bootstrap is to provide designers with a way to connect with developers. Hence, it paved the way for turning your dream website into reality. One of the many benefits of using our premium Bootstrap themes is design consistency, easily customizable features, and responsiveness. 

Furthermore, our premium Bootstrap templates can help you easily craft websites that are mobile responsive. It will not disrupt the essence of the design aesthetics of its website template. Another thing worth noting is that Bootstrap regularly releases updates to make it suitable to the needs of the modern design world. 

Benefits Of The Bootstrap Framework

    • Development speed. This is the framework’s major benefit. It offers fewer CSS functions saving you coding efforts. Additionally, it has pre-built code blocks instead of creating codes from scratch. 

    • Responsiveness. Bootstrap comes not only with a responsive layout but with a system of a 12-column grid as well. It means that it helps your website adjust dynamically to a proper screen resolution. Plus, its responsive utility classes allows you to show or hide a specific portion of your content for certain screen sizes.

    • Customizable. The facilities of Bootstrap is abundant with customization features. This helps developers to design tailor-made sites in accordance with their specifications. It offers you the ability to choose any feature you need to build customized websites and eliminate elements you don’t need.

    • Consistency. This is the key principle behind Bootstrap. It helps ensure that your project remains consistent regardless of the developer or designer handling it. Furthermore, you’ll achieve uniform results across different types of browsers, with output remaining the same.


    Bootstrap is an excellent framework abundant with features. It’s one of the most advanced and innovative methods for responsive development. Additionally, it’s the quickest and easiest, not to mention better ways to design your apps and websites.