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Bootstrap subscribe forms, email forms: responsive html templates.

Bootstrap email form html
Bootstrap email form html

With Little Widgets you can easily create a popup html email form on your website and start building an email list. Why do you need an email list? 90% of your website visitors leave your website without taking any action on a page. You can change this by installing a subscribe form. It gives you a further chance to talk with your subscribers, send updates and launch new products.

You can easily customize the colors, add your own text and images and match the form’s design with your brand guidelines. It’s a surefire way to turn your website into a high-selling sales machine.

Increase Store Sales
Set a subscribe popup, build an email list and increase your sales through email marketing.
Grow Your Audience
Build an email list to stay in touch with your website visitors. Share news, updates and new deals.

Pre-made html subscribe forms for your website

subscribe form modal html
Subscribe Form Modal
A customizable subscribe form that allows you to integrate a profile image and a bold accent color of your choice.
email form background image html
Subscribe Form with a Background Image
This subscribe form has been designed to accept a background image that captures your brand ethos and draws attention to the call to action.
Subscribe Form with Built-In Button
A built-in subscribe button provides a discreet option that can be housed in your footer or sidebar and allows your website to increase email subscribers.
html subscribe form discount offer
Subscribe Form with a Discount Offer
Capture your visitors' attention by integrating an eye catching discount offer into your subscribe form to encourage them to convert.
email form html coupon code
Subscribe Form with a Coupon Code
Customize your subscribe form to include a coupon code that you can adjust to best capture your visitors' attention and convince them to subscribe.
bootstrap email form
Subscribe Form with First Name
This customizable subscribe form requests minimal personal information from subscribers by only requesting a first name alongside an email address.
bootstrap subcribe form html
Subscribe Modal with a Logo
Your logo represents everything that your brand is and this customizable subscribe form allows you to incorporate it and underline a level of trust in the subscribe option.
website subscribe form html
Subscribe Form with a Promotional Offer
A promotional offer can easily become the focal point of this customizable subscribe form to strengthen the chances of visitors subscribing.
email form gender html
Subscribe Form with Gender and Logo
This customizable subscribe form allows you to tailor marketing campaigns toward specific genders by gathering this information at the point of subscription.
email form css
Subscribe Form Sticked to Bottom of a Page
This subscribe form is fully customizable and is designed to remain stuck to the bottom of your visitors' web page in order to highlight the call to action.
welcome mat html css
Subscribe Form Welcome Mat
This customizable subscribe form displays a full page call to action encouraging visitors to subscribe when they first open your website.
subscribe form free offer html
Subscribe Form with a Free Gift
Converting visitors to become subscribers is significantly easier with this subscribe form which can be fully customized to offer a free gift to all subscribers.

Save time and money for web development

Ready for Bootstrap
It integrates perfectly with Bootstrap and complements standard components. It makes the most powerful framework even more powerful.
Integrates with WordPress
You can easily integrate Little Widgets into WordPress. Simply insert the code of a chosen component into your website template.
Clean Code
We have coded components in HTML, CSS and JS. The code is clean, understandable and doesn’t depend on jQuery.
Responsive Design
Every form, modal or widget was developed with responsive design in mind. As a result, it looks perfect on any mobile device.
Easy to Use
Choose a component, copy the code, insert it on your website and connect it to your back-end. You're all set!
Easy to Customize
Change the design appearance in CSS to match it with your brand. Easily customize colors, fonts and images.
“Great widgets. Great selection. Great design and easy to implement. Definitely a time saver!
Olivier Simart, Co-founder at T-Surprise.
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