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Bootstrap modal and popup responsive html templates.

Bootstrap form
Bootstrap modal

Little Widgets is a set of pre-made Bootstrap modal windows, forms, popups and website widgets. Modals are built with HTML, CSS and JS. Every component is responsive and seamlessly animated. This framework allows you to easily add different types of Bootstrap modal windows and popups to your website in next to no time. It's a nice addition to default Bootstrap components.

Use these modal windows for user notifications, alerts, ecommerce or marketing needs and lightboxes. It's gonna save you time on web development while you’re busy building other landing pages or web apps.

Whether you love popup windows or hate them, it's an effective tool to get your users’ attention, engage with them, provide useful information and make more sales.

Get a User's Attention
Use Bootstrap popup windows when you need to draw attention to important information on your website.
Save Time on Web Development
We designed, built and tested all our useful components, so you don't need to. It's a life saver for any web developer.

Pre-made html modals and popups for your website

subscribe form modal html
New Blog Post Modal
This modal allows you to present a blog post to your visitors that they might be interested in. A quick preview and details about the author keeps your visitors engaged.
email form background image html
Additional Tools Widget
The additional tools widget gives your visitors the chance to carry out useful, one-click tasks from the comfort of the sidebar.
More Information Modal
Information is key to engaging your customers and this modal lets you demonstrate your brand’s range of products with just one click.
html subscribe form discount offer
Video Modal
Video content engages customers like no other, so this is the perfect modal for you to deliver videos such as trailers and adverts to your visitors.
email form html coupon code
Callback Widget Popup
This popup widget gives your visitors the chance to talk to an actual human by allowing personal callback information to be submitted directly to your website.
bootstrap email form
Blog Post Popup
The blog post popup can be used to announce new blog posts with a link to the post and details of related affiliate marketing schemes.
bootstrap subcribe form html
Step-by-Step Guide Popup Window
This popup window allows you to serve up an overview of your company. With an option for four different slides you can deliver plenty of brand information.
website subscribe form html
Application Form Modal
Collect contact information from your visitors with this modal so that you can add them to a mailing list and send out new articles relating to your brand.
email form gender html
New Item in Shopping Cart Popup
Use this popup window to show customers a description, image and price of each item they add to their shopping cart.
email form css
Payment Form Popup Window
A popup window that allows you to collect a contact email address for any customers that are about to purchase one of your products.
welcome mat html css
Create a Project Modal
Help understand your customers’ needs by collecting detailed information about their project with this modal which uses edit inputs, checkboxes and tags.
subscribe form free offer html
Booking Form Popup Widget
This popup widget allows customers to select specific time slots with one click and then confirm this reservation with a further click.
subscribe form free offer html
Embed Video Modal
Engage your visitors instantly with this modal which uses an embedded video to describe your products and can be played with one click.
subscribe form free offer html
E-Book Signup Popup
Offer your visitors the chance to sign up for a free e-book with a brief description, images and option buttons to make a choice.

Save time and money for web development

Ready for Bootstrap
It integrates perfectly with Bootstrap and complements standard, existing components. It makes the most powerful framework even more powerful.
Integrates with WordPress
You can easily integrate Little Widgets into WordPress. Simply insert the code of a chosen component into your website template.
Clean Code
We have coded components in HTML, CSS and JS. The code is clean, understandable and doesn’t depend on jQuery.
Responsive Design
Every form, modal or widget was developed with responsive design in mind. As a result, it looks perfect on any mobile device.
Easy to Use
Choose a component, copy the code, insert it on your website and connect it to your back-end. You're all set!
Easy to Customize
Change the design appearance in CSS to match it with your brand. Easily customize colors, fonts and images.
“Smooth! This made me want to re-design my website. It’s so easy to use and it’s up and running in seconds.”
Rob Cole, Web Developer.
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Use Little Widgets for free for any type of project - personal and commercial. All we require is a link to our website. Alternatively, you can buy a Personal or Business License that means no link is necessary.