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26 Best Free Personal Website Templates
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July 7

26 Best Free Personal Website Templates

We present a collection of excellent free templates for creating blogs, personal pages, websites, business cards, etc. Check them out and you will definitely find a unique design for you.

Having a personal website is the first real step towards creating and achieving your personal brand. Ideally, you need to own a personal portfolio as a freelancer to be able to keep up with your competition. Your success, however, depends largely on your ability to go one better and to stay ahead of this competition.

From a wide array of personal website templates, you can find one that identifies with you in every aspect, and one that typifies and sells your ideas to your visitors. If you’re looking to create a personal website page, you can choose among several cool website template designs at your disposal.

To help you start out, you can find some cool website templates in our store and maximize on the available designs. The idea is to get all the groundwork done for you, so you may find it easy doing about your business.

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Here are some of the best free personal website templates that should help you create an elegant personal portfolio from scratch.

Personal Portfolio Website Templates

These are the most common websites that can be effectively used to show your work as a designer. The available options are free to download, and offer a wide range of themes and designs. Here are some of the most common personal website templates bootstrap boosted.


Another beautiful template to represent your works and speak to a lot of people on your behalf. It features a host of beautifully designed homepages, portfolio layouts, and also templates for single projects. Assemble’s amazing hover effects and menu styles, coupled with fully responsive practical inner pages makes it one of the top picks for people looking for personal portfolio website templates.

It has been created to seamlessly work with the free WooCommerce plugin and can be utilized if you’re looking for personal website templates free.

John Doe

John Doe is a responsive HTML5 template that can be downloaded for free as a one-page template. It has been created using the best CSS3 framework and comes with the latest version of Bootstrap. If you’re looking for a customizable template, this one could be ideal for you. Its responsive layout and availability of Google fonts also make it one of the best templates not only for personal portfolio but also for personal resume.

John Doe suits people doing freelancing businesses to exhibit their strengths in their respective fields, as well as show links or samples of their previous works. Its design is quite creative and elegant in virtually all segments.

If style is your thing, then provides more than just that. Built on HTML5, it features a gallant trendy and quite unique style which is 100 percent customizable. It comes in various website portfolios for specific functions such as portfolio, resume, and general commercial websites among other functions. portfolio template is designed with provisions for showcasing the design, product illustration, as well as the main personal portfolio you intend to sell out to your prospects. Generally, it focuses mainly on providing uniqueness in terms of creativity and the ability for unlimited customization. For creative people with an eye for style, this is where you can display all you have, in the manner that feels aesthetically right for you.


Instant personal portfolio website templates are built with Bootstrap 3 and a well-commented code and feature a WordPress themed template of 3 pages. The full screen and an amazing parallax background are designed to gel with your different needs, depending on the overall goal of the website.

As a clean coded HTML5 bootstrap template, it rightly fits the bill as one of the most suitable templates for building a remarkable personal portfolio. An additional feature that should make it even better is its responsiveness, and despite all the featured premium features, it is free to use.


Erika offers versatility in that it can easily be converted to WordPress depending on how you want it to look like. Based on Bootstrap 3x, it is 100 percent responsive and comes as a well-coded website template with 8 different home page templates. A valid HTML5/CSS3 and JS files are also included.

Other features include varied header styles, more than 24 portfolio variations, and a dynamic Php form. If you’re particularly looking for a template you can gain control of, then Erika makes an easy choice. The different pages made available only make it easier for you to express yourself gallantly, and to share what you have to the world in a manner you can relate with.


For freelancers looking to have it simple and precise, Martin offers a great option for creating a good personal portfolio. It allows you to give just adequate personal information to complement your works. It is one of the many templates using the latest Bootstrap version, HTML5, Css3, and JQuery. It is fully SEO optimized to make your presentation easier and cheaper, given, much of the SEO work has been done on your behalf.

One of the most amazing factors with this template is that the updates are free, and you can use them for as long as you want. Whether you are a web designer, a photographer, developer, content provider, or any form of freelancing, this could be the ideal template for startup. It is simple to use but features a highly professional layout that you can master to promote your business.

Personal Blog Website Templates

Free CSS

This is a combination of various blog template themes available at zero cost. Also built on HTML5, it is fully responsive and easily customizable. Free CSS is suitable for you if you’re looking to start a small to medium business as well as freelancing.

The availability of a big blog template collection makes Free CSS a unique platform to build on, especially with each theme carrying unique features. You can pick your favorite theme from the big collection and share your thought in writing. Good thing, it is free.


Ablogia is a personal blog website template for the modern blogger. It comes with amazing features, highly customizable, and is free. Based on Bootstrap 4.0.0-Beta, and built with HTML5 and CSS3, it might rank up there as one of the most technical and most creative template. It uses W3C valid HTML and features more than 800 Google fonts which can be alternated at will.

Generally, it is a simple and elegant blog template applying modern technology to give your blog the feel that appeals to readers, and lets you plan everything easily. Not many templates combine the latest technology such as the latest Bootstrap, HTML5, and JQuery to come up with such a customizable blog template.


Pofo is a creative blog website template offering fast page loading and free updates on new features. If you’re looking to start your personal blog build on a creative, interactive, and powerful HTML5/Css3 template, Pofo is the template you should be looking for.

It features more than 25 homepage demos, a single page Home Page, and more than 210 HTML pages coming in unique elements and different listing styles. You can control the way your blogs appear thanks to the Slider Revolution.

Pofo is easy to use, with clear navigation image boxes and readable text. You can customize it with its reusable code without compromising its loading speed.


Creativemarket can easily be termed as WordPress Blog Themes as it features close to a thousand WP Blog themes, all based on Bootstrap 4.0.0-Beta, built with HTML5 and CSS3. When design means everything, this is a template with great inspiring modern and creative design. As a blogger, you’ll be looking for a template you can easily control via customization, and that is exactly what you get with Creativemarket.

With more than 800 Google fonts, make your blog as unique and readable as you can, the choice lies in your hands. It is the perfect blog template for bloggers keen on style, and those who would love to share their content in style. Bonus point; it comes in an SEO optimized structure, so you won’t invest too much of your time trying to rank in search engines. It also features an additional language translation option.


Read is another simple personal blog template carrying the most basic features. Built with Bootstrap, it features a clean layout, it is highly responsive, and allows for full documentation.

Looking for a good template for a tutorial, travel, or personal blog, Read is a simple choice. Every important feature is clearly spelled out, and it is easy to use for whatever blog you decide to apply. You can also use it as a profile page template.

E-Commerce/Online Personal Website Templates


Preface is a personal portfolio website template featuring a rather responsive design suitable for persons aiming to reap from a new personal website. It has been built with Bootstrap and JQuery, and a W3C valid HTML5 and CSS3. For starters, it is free for use, making it a good starting point for emerging entrepreneurs keen on impeccable design and coding. It is also ideal for commercial and personal use and considering it is free to download, it offers the perfect platform for building up a new business.


Jevelin on its part is another responsive WordPress theme that is easy to install and use even for beginners. Its drag-and-drop page builder stands out as a useful feature if you’re looking to save your time from the start. For purposes of sharing your stuff on different platforms, it has the social share functionality and multilingual support.

It is also Search engine optimized, and you’ll enjoy the privilege of lifetime updates. The WooCommerce, as well as the Contact Form 7 plugins, have been integrated into Jevelin. Multiple demos and pre-built options for page elements give you a wider scope of how you’d like the website to look like and to function.


Kards is useful for business websites and personal blogs. It is one of the HTML5 responsive templates. In addition to that, it comes with lots of icons that make it easy to use. For example, the timeline items ensure that a user organizes work much efficiently. The codes are well organized. If you want your clients to get attracted to your site because of its visuals, you should consider using this template. You will notice that it is compatible across several platforms, and therefore, you do not have to worry about the conditions under which you will be using it.

Resume templates


This one of the numerous free personal website templates that let you create a personal CV website in minimal time. You can have such a website running in an hour. Its unique design and Bootstrap 3 features make it more useful. As for me, the ideal website template.


With Juleha, you can create customizable resumes with ease. You will enjoy the animation header because it does much of the work for you. In addition to that, there is a clean design that makes it more appealing. With five color schemes, you can choose the ones that suit your needs. Their excellent customer care services are a bonus.

Easy Resume

This template is mobile-friendly, and therefore, you can use it on almost any device. It has been tested by Google, confirming that it is one of the templates that you can use with confidence. To make things even better, it is compatible across browsers. It means that when creating a responsive website, you will not have to worry about the apps that you are using. It allows for animations and videos and has a background that will enable you to work with a lot of flexibility. If you are thinking about bringing your site to bustle, this is the right template.

Photography website templates


A full-screen header background will make your work easy when using Click to create a photography website. You will notice that it has an Error Free code to help you troubleshoot problems. In addition to these features, you will find an HTML 5 template that can showcase your personal and photography stories. Because of its compatibility with several platforms, it is useful for photographers of all ages and backgrounds.

Liza Photography

It is a unique photography template that comes with nine galley layouts. It gives you a lot of options to work with when developing the site. It becomes a must-have template when you notice that it is integrated with Google Maps support. You can use it to create blogs that are focused on the format of your posts. Typography and usability have been taken care of with this template. When creating a professional portfolio website, you will notice that Liza Photography allows you to showcase photos and other media files in a unique way.


SELFIE has a responsive layout that has multiple choices. It is because it takes into consideration the fact that different people are looking for various websites. It is one of the modern photography templates that are popular among users of all ages. In addition to that, the modern page layouts make it appealing. Therefore, if you want people to spend more time on your site, you should give them a template like this one. It is available for mobile phones and tablets too.


A personal website HTML template with a PHP Contact Form is always useful to anyone that wants to start a website. That is what you get when you choose Opta. You will realize that it has simple text and image sliders. Therefore, creating and uploading your photos will not be the same again. With a Google Web Font, it becomes one of the most efficient templates in the market today. Most people who love it say that they like the way Carousel Image Slider works. With the top-notch support that the developers offer, you can be sure of coming up with the right photography website.

Multi-purpose Personal Website Templates


This Awesome personal website template comes with a unique user interface. You can easily pick it from a pool of other templates because of the way it looks. It is elegant and stylish at the same time. When you create a website using this option, you will get a Google Contact Form for free. It supports HTML 5 and can be used across several browsers. The interface is clean and refreshing so that when people get to your site, they will want to stay there for longer.


Wix is a powerful website page builder that comes with a hosting package. When you use Wix, you do not have to worry about finding other services elsewhere because they are all in one place. With this website builder, you can try thousands of amazing features for free. If you understand HTML 5, you will create websites by dragging and dropping them where they should be. This product is one of those templates that you can use regardless of the business you want to promote.


Do you want to create a bootstrap personal website that has more than 80m HTML files? This template can guide you through that process. You will find out that there are more than 25 homepage styles to choose from, and they are all amazing. Apart from the loading speed, you will be happy with the way it has simple guidelines that help you to create websites in minutes. It is a lightweight template; and therefore, you do not expect it to load for too long.


Try this modern multipurpose website template. Using it on music, photography, or any other website will yield good results. In addition to that, it is designer-friendly, and therefore, you can expect to enjoy the website-making process. You will find a one-page demo that shows you what you should do. It is suitable for designers who want to create simple yet powerful websites.

The Journal

The Journal is made up of WordPress personal website themes that are clean-cut and modern. It is useful to all websites regardless of the niche that you are working in with the website with your website. It has a unique style that allows you to showcase your content. Therefore, when you use this option, you are sure that your users will get the information that you want to pass to them. They will also want to visit the website regularly. A visual page builder will like the fact that it comes with lots of


The 25 website design templates that we have discussed above are the most popular in web design. If there is one that has caught your attention, you can download it, and create your dream website. These templates help people to develop websites without breaking a sweat, and therefore, you do not need things like coding or UI.

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